Sunday 22 September 2019

iPhone 7 may be out earlier than September


Emma Clark

Apple may revert back to the release date of its early iPhones by releasing the iPhone 7 earlier than expected. It may not be a September release as before.

If you were asked to guess when the iPhone 7 would be released, you'd probably say September. But Apple may buck the pattern of recent years and release it earlier than usual.

That's according to AppleInsider's "reliable source" who said that Apple hopes to finish and launch the iPhone 7 earlier than in previous years. This source has apparently provided accurate information about Apple products in the past.

Apple hasn't always released new iPhones in September. In fact, the first few versions were released in June or July. Perhaps Apple will return to its earlier ways and put more pressure on Samsung who is reportedly moving up its own schedule.

Unfortunately, this reliable source doesn't give any indication as to how early we may see the iPhone 7.

It looks set to be a busy year for Apple. It's reportedly working on a C version of the phone, which will be 4-inches in size, cheaper, and metal-backed. Meanwhile, it is also expected to launch the iPad Air 3.

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