Wednesday 21 August 2019

HTC teases 'big story' about Vive's launch games


Emma Clark

HTC is teasing that it has exciting news about the software coming to its Vive virtual reality headset. Of course, there's only one game we really care for.

HTC and Valve could be the first to bring a virtual reality headset to consumers in the form of the Vive, which is expected to get a wide release before March 2016. HTC is hinting that there will be big news regarding its launch titles.

When asked about the Vive’s accompanying software, Senior Manager of Product Marketing for virtual reality at HTC, J.B. McRee, said: “That’s one of the things we're holding back to reveal more information about but there's going to be a big story and we're excited to share it.” Unfortunately, HTC isn’t so excited that it will share the news right now.

Of course, there’s only one title that people care about. If (whisper it) Half-Life 3 does release alongside the Vive, it would make it a much more tempting prospect. Left for Dead 3 could also be an option, but when you tease Valve fans like this any other game may seem like a slap in the face.

McRee later added, “There are things we haven't really talked about from a software perspective that we're excited to share as well, that I think people will be excited to hear." HTC shows no signs of dampening expectations anyways.

HTC and Valve know that virtual reality needs to hit the ground running. “You only have one first time with VR and you can never get that back,” McRee said.

HTC is yet to announce the price of the Vive, but it’s not expected to come cheap.

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