Sunday 15 September 2019

Hotline Miami 2 will let you create murder boxes on December 10th

Hotline Miami 2
Hotline Miami 2

Emma Clark

Hotline Miami 2 is getting a level editor. Those eager to get their hands on it will get their first chance with the launch of an open beta on December 10.

Dennaton Games has announced that the open beta for Hotline Miami 2’s level editor will go live on December 10th.

Steam users will be able to download the beta without the need for an invitation. The level editor will be available under the beta ends early in January.

Workshop support won’t be available at the beginning of the beta, though you’ll be able to send levels to other testers by sending them your level folders. There are a couple of features that Dennaton is putting the finishing touches on, so they won’t be available during the beta, but otherwise all content and assets are included.

Players won’t be able to upload their own music – copyright infringement is a concern – but they will be free to use third-party custom sprite editors.

Dennaton plans to release a series of video tutorials to help people get to grips with the level editor. But before you pour your heart and soul into a level, be warned that it may not survive the full launch of the level editor.

The open beta is limited to Steam users only, while the full version of the level editor will be released on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux; there is no editor for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or PS Vita.

If you felt that Super Mario Maker could have used more bloodlust, the Hotline Miami 2 level editor should be on your watchlist.

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