Monday 27 January 2020

Hitman is going to Italy in new launch trailer


Daniel Anderson

The episodic Hitman game is fresh from its opening gambit and ready to pile on a new location in a made up town in Italy

Agent 47 has a new assignment, and he's heading to Italy.

The location is the (made up) city of Sapienza in Italy. It certainly looks the part with agreeably old time buidings, sun drenched beaches and plenty of holiday-makers working on their tan. There's also a totally bald man wearing a black suit which must be sweating in all the wrong places. That's you.

For his new trip, 47 has a new target - a brilliant bioengineer by the name of Silvio Caruso. And it's your job to stop him. Here's the launch trailer.

It all looks splendid, and the expansive new level will give freedom fans plenty of mess around with while they want for more content to be unlocked. Hitman is all about episodic elements these days, with a basic pack for a single low price and more released as time goes by. Which seems to be working out pretty well for them so far.

Sapienza will be available for download on the 26th of April 2016. The next location is Marrakesh and it will hopefully be live in May.

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