Monday 19 March 2018

Hitman episode 2 heads to Italy on April 26th


Daniel Anderson

Hitman is coming out in short episodes and the next one will arrive at the end of April and will see the player jetting off to Italy

Hitman is out and the reviews for this latest slice of stealthy, stabby, shooty stuff have been pretty decent in the wake of the launch of the first episode. That introduction was set in Paris and different locations are set to release over the next few months.

Episode 2 will take players to Italy and we've just heard that it's launching on the 26th of April. It's all set in a made up place called Sapienza, and it looks like it's going to be pretty sunny when you get there.

Mr Hitman is way too pale for a sun holiday, even if he could probably do with a break, so he'll be in the area to take on a bunch of new missions with very specific targets and a lot of freedom to murder people in any way you choose. You can go in and shoot everything but that's definitely not the way this game has been designed to be played, with huge levels and plenty of opportunities for complicated set pieces.

You can pay a tenner for just this new slice or 60 quid for the whole game, with more content to be released throughout 2016.

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