Thursday 18 January 2018

Help folks remake Morrowind


Daniel Anderson

Before Oblivion and long before Skyrim there was the right legendary The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, and you can help bring it back

The Elder Scrolls lore is long and storied, stretching back before the time of Skyrim and into the mists beyond Oblivion. One it was a time of Morrowind, and lo it was large. And had huge mushrooms.

Bethesda released the pretty darn awesome Morrowind back in 2002. As the third game in the Elder Scrolls series it harnassed the latest technology and (at the time) impressive graphics to bring a vast open world to life like never before. It was also a pretty glitchy mess, but that's something we've just come to expect from Bethesda, and the scale of the world and the unique freedoms it offers were worth it. We're not so sure if that's the case with Fallout 4...

Anyway, Morrowind is now almost 15 years old and no one is expecting you to hurt your eyeballs by going back and playing the original. Instead, you should check out Skywind - a total remake of the original game using the Skyrim engine. And not only that but you can help make this new version a reality by pitching in with your design or development skills. Here's more info.

It's looking pretty great so far, and this is without taking in the full scope of what has been accomplished in the last year. They're even looking for voice actors if you're not the sort who can help out with coding. There's a whole load of information over here.

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