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Thursday 19 April 2018

Great video shows what VR is really like

HTC Vive
HTC Vive

Daniel Anderson

There are two major virtual reality headsets out there in the wild right now but it can be really hard to get the experience across in words

You've probably been hearing a lot about how virtual reality is here, with various outlets shouting about how its the future of entertainment.

That's all well and good, and the technology no doubt sounds impressive in spec lists and reviews but it's also essentially the kind of thing that's next to impossible to get across in words. Which is why this new video is so impressive. Using a HTC Vive and green screen technology, Valve makes it possible for a group of people to be included in a VR experience. And a virtual camera brings it to life for the rest of us.

This is definitely the best example of how it really works we've seen so far.

The virtual camera works in a similar way to how Peter Jackson and James Cameron planned out large scale effects sequences, previewing them live and putting their camera wherever they wanted. In this example, it lets people see the full VR experience with the headset user at the centre. We can see the whole enviroment, while those folks on the couch are just looking at a screen.

In this way, you can see the guns in the hands on the users, and move around them in real time to see the effects of their actions, or the sight of a whale moving serenely into view. You will be able to experience something like this with the real product, as you can output what they see onto a TV screen as they're playing, but this is more about showing what it feels like to really be enveloped by a virtual world. We really can't wait to try out every single one of those games.

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