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Sunday 15 December 2019

Google's AI takes down European Go champion


Emma Clark

Google's AI called AlphaGo is capable of defeating a human opponent. It beat the European Go champion and has an all-time great in its sights.

Just a day after Facebook announced that it was developing an AI that would be capable of beating a human opponent at Go, Google's AI has claimed a scalp. AlphaGo beat reigning European Go champion Fan Hui in a special match held behind closed doors.

AlphaGo won 5-0 in the end, despite Hui trying to switch up his play style early on. " I thought after the first game that [the AI] didn't want to fight. It likes to play slowly. So that's why in the second game, I fight," he said.

DeepMind, the research team behind the AI, has bigger fish in mind now. It is challenging the world's top-ranked Go player for the past ten years, Lee Sedol, in March.

Lee Sedol has already accepted the challenge, but is pretty confident that he'll win. "I am privileged to be the one to play, but I am confident that I can win," he said.

Go has long-been a game that has stumped AI, but it's hoped that this breakthrough could lead to much more. "My dream is to use these types of general learning systems to help with science to help them make faster breakthroughs in scientific endeavors," DeepMind chief Demis Hassabis said.

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