Friday 24 May 2019

Google Trips is a new app to handle all your travel needs


Daniel Anderson

Google wants to become an even bigger part of your life, with a fully featured trips and travel app in the works at the company

Google already offers up loads of useful information if you're going on a trip, including your flight details and local tips right in Google Now. But it wants to do more.

It seems Google Local Guide specialists are being invited to try out a new product called Google Trips. This app functions as a fully featured travel guide which includes putting all of your travel information together and making it possible to download the full guide for offline use - which would be a great help to save from using mobile data while away.

The app also has multiple sections with tips on getting around, things to do in the area including places to eat. The recommendations all pull data from reviews and ratings of local guides and reviewers, which makes sense as this pilot programme is being offered to Local Guides at level 2 and above.

It sounds like Google is taking the information they're already known for providing and putting it together in a more concrete way while also providing more of a human touch with the local reviews. That's all good news for travellers and while this app isn't ready for a full release yet we should hear more soon.

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