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Google Play Books app updated for better comic reading experience


Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books

An update is being released for Google Play Books that should make the comic book reading experience more enjoyable.

Comic books are tricky to enjoy on a smartphone's screen; it's difficult to enlarge content so that it's adequately visible but doesn't result in a weird page layout or require a lot of panning.

A new update to the Google Play Books app is designed specifically to make reading comic books a more enjoyable experience. Now, when you rotate your phone into landscape mode while reading a comic, you can scroll through the story using virtual swipes.

This should make it easier to blast through a story, while still being able to enjoy the artistry and writing.

Google has also made it easier to browse and discover new comics in Play Books. In a blog post, Google's Senior Product Manager Greg Hartrell wrote, " We're offering a new comics destination and a bunch of beautifully curated series pages on the Google Play Store that organize volumes, issues and other editions of the top comic series."

The update will roll out to Android users in the coming days with iOS users to get the update shortly thereafter.

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