Friday 23 August 2019

Google Photos is getting even better

Google Photos
Google Photos

Paul Mallon

Google Photos is already an impressive app for backing up your snaps but its about to get even better with a new update

Google Photos is a really great free app that automatically syncs your snaps and videos and backs them up to the cloud. You even get unlimited free storage for photos at a certain resolution, which is still plenty high enough for most purposes.

It's really cool and you should be using it and now you have even more reasons to do so! Google has just updated the service to include some new features, including one called Free Up Space. This will assess any photos which have already been uploaded and delete them from your device. So if you've got a lot of snaps taking up space on your smartphone, this could really help with that. It's important to know that you'll have to confirm that you're ok to delete the photos before they're gone forever, to stop mishaps.

The app will also now be able to delete photos stored on the SD card, which wasn't always the case before. On the desktop version, a new option has been added for users to change the quality of already uploaded photos from Original to High. This means that you'll still be able to keep the image (without having to reupload) but it won't subtract for your precious Google account storage limit.

Get the new app now on Google Play.

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