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Gmail can reply automatically to mails





Google is trying out a new feature on its Gmail inbox app by letting artificial intelligence answer some of your emails

Gmail is about to get smarter, and maybe a bit more sinister.

A new update to Google's Inbox extension of Gmail is set to reply to messages automatically. That right, advanced AI will read the incoming message and compose what it think is an appropriate response via 'Smart Reply.'

The company says this new tech is designed to help users quickly identify emails which might require a fast response. The software will read the content and then come up with three possible wordings as an answer, offering them up to a user as choices. You'll then just be able to click and that human interaction will be over without very much thought.

To some degree, its not so far removed from having a series of canned responses you can send to generic questions - like 'I'm running late' or 'I'll call you back' something which you can do using certain smartwatches. And Google intends for this service to be mostly used by people who are on their phone and don't have time to type out a lengthy response.

The technology will learn as it goes as well, potentially recognising patterns in how you respond to certain people and tweaking its suggestions to suit.

That's pretty sophisticated stuff, but do we really find the idea of responding to an email so tiresome that we need a computer to do it for us?

The updated Inbox app will be available on Android or iOS by the end of the week.

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