Sunday 18 March 2018

Get free stuff for making Google Maps better!

Google Local Guides
Google Local Guides

Daniel Anderson

Google Maps now has a new feature in Local Guides which lets you become the ultimate tour guide and gives you free stuff in return

Google Maps is an incredible resource, making it pretty much impossible to get lost no matter when you are. So how would you like to help make it even better and get free stuff!?

Well now you can by becoming a Google Local Guide. You use your local knowledge to contribute to the map with locations of places, reviews, photos and by answering simple questions. In return you'll get points which add up to earn exclusive benefits. And you also get to feel like you're helping people in your area to get more out of their trips.

You simply sign up online and you can start to earn points instantly. You get a point for the following actions - uploading a photo, sharing a review, adding a new place, fixing information, answering questions about a place. This information is logged by the system and adds your points after around 48 hours, so don't worry if they don't stack up straight away.

Level 1 starts with your first point and level 5 is at a huge 500 points and to keep you contributing Google has a whole load of benefits at each level. You can find the full list over here but the first level gets you on a mailing list and gives access to special workshops. Level 2 earns early access to new Google features, Level 3 has unique events and a special badge and when you reach level 4 you'll get a massive 1 terabyte of free Google Drive storage for two years!

Finally if you manage to pick up 500 points or more, you'll be able to test cutting edge software for Google and get the chance to attend an exclusive Level 5 summit.

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