Tuesday 20 March 2018

Get 3D printed nudey selfie


Daniel Anderson

Now you can send a picture of yourself to a special service and get them to print off a 3D selfie with your head atop a nearly nude body

Here's one of the weirder things we've run into on the repository of weirdness known as the internet - semi nude 3D printed selfies.

UK site Firebox is offering a new product called a Nudee - that's a nude-selfie in case you're not keeping up. You take two photos of your face and send them into the company, along with your choice of frame - Curvy, Muscular or Skinny. Then they 3D print your noggin, slap it into one of the three body types and post it to you within a month. For this service, they will take almost two hundred of your euros.

It's a totally unique idea certainly but it's also just a little bizarre. Why would you want your own tiny head staring out from a figurine on your desk? And where else is this for, just hanging around the house? The choice of body types is a bit bizarre too, most people don't look like any of the three. 3D printing is an emerging technology with a host of applications across areas like medicine and manufacturing but novelty nudie toys might not be a big part of that future.

More over here, should you be interested. Be warned - there are 3D printed mammaries.

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