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Future ASUS phones will have built-in ad-blocking





ASUS is to enable its Adblock Plus software on its own browser by default meaning phone and tablet owners won't have to deal with annoying pop-up ads.

ASUS apparently likes pop-up ads about as much as the rest of us. The smartphone manufacturer has announced that future smartphones and tablets will ship with AdBlock Plus installed on its proprietary web browser.

The ad-filtering software will be enabled by default, so those getting a new ASUS smartphone or tablet in 2016 may never even realise that the software is doing its job.

ASUS' own browser is used by approximately 15 million users. If this approach is well received, more people may try the browser out for themselves. Alternatively, we could see the likes of Chrome or Safari implement ad-blocking measures of their own.

One thing to note is that this doesn't mean the end of ads entirely. Similar to using AdBlock Plus on desktop, non-obtrusive ads approved by the software will be visible. But non-vetted ads, such as pop-ups, will be shut down.

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