Sunday 8 December 2019

FMV game Her Story getting a sequel

Her Story
Her Story

Paul Mallon

Her Story was a really neat full motion video game released in 2015, and a sequel of sorts is already in development

Her Story was a game which tasked you with investigating a crime. You were given all the information necessary to put the details together, chiefly a series of interviews with a woman called Hannah.

With little idea of the context, players have to sift through the hours of video interviews and try to determine what happened to her missing husband. It gave players complete agency to get into the nitty gritty of the investigation and earned a lot of attention from reviewers and gamers alike when it released in mid 2015.

Now there's more on the way. Lone developer Sam Barlow, who previously was part of some Silent Hill games, has confirmed a game called Her Story 2. There's even a one page synopsis here.

Naturally we can't see anything that's going on there, which is probably for the best. The word is that the new game will use the same mechanic of full motion video interviews but won't be directly related to the first title. We can't wait.

More on Her Story here.

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