Sunday 25 February 2018

Five lessons from our Far Cry Primal preview

Far Cry Primal
Far Cry Primal

Emma Clark

We recently got a chance to try out Far Cry Primal. Here are five things that you should be aware of when travelling around the historic landscape.

Far Cry Primal offers a vast and immersive world to explore, packed with side quests and all sorts of goodies to discover. We recently tried out a preview build of Far Cry Primal for a few hours. Here are just some of the lessons that we learned, some of them the hard way.

Fire may not be your friend

Right from the off, you'll be able to play with fire in Far Cry Primal. You can set clubs, arrows, and more tools on fire, and while blazing weapons do a great job of taking down enemies and beasts alike. But it may not be a wise idea. They can also set the world, and you, on fire. And it hurts! If you're on an escort mission, those you are safeguarding are understandably less keen on the idea of a fire walk, so will seek out another path, so that's something to bear in mind.

Wolves are a man's best friend

Once you make some progress in Far Cry Primal's story, you'll be able to tame beasts to get them on your side. We had an owl and a wolf at our disposal. While the owl proved to be quite useful for scouting out enemies, the wolf found a place in our hearts. It can take down enemies and beasts, which is great if trying to ambush multiple enemies at once, and you can pet it for a job well done, which is adorable. Who's a good wolf?!

It's a dangerous world

Life expectancy 12,000 years ago was pretty short, and it's easy to see why. Not only are the beasts higher on the food chain than you, but rival tribes will attempt to wipe you out so that there's more in the world for them. Rushing from place to place will get you in trouble. Slow down, take in the landscape, and survey your surroundings. You have Hunter Vision and, later on, your owl to draw upon so use them. Sneaking up on enemies can give you a massive advantage, and sometimes it's best to simply avoid the fight. The latter was our tactic any time we saw a bear, for example.

Boars are mean

Far Cry Primal's world is full of exotic animals. While you might expect bears and wolves to be threatening and to chase you down, it may be less expected of boars. Or at least, we didn't expect it. They pack a punch and they'll get aggressive if you stray too close. So make sure you get the first attack in if you do plan to take them on...and don't stand too close to a cliff's edge.

Fast travel is the safer way to travel

Far Cry Primal still features the Fast Travel mechanic, allowing you to hop to landmarks quickly and without the danger of running into something toothy. You'll miss out on some available side quests and opportunities to explore and gather resources, but you will arrive at your destination in one piece. It does seem strange, however, that while everyone is amazed by Takkar's ability to tame animals, no one bats an eyelid at his ability to teleport. Apparently that's the oldest trick in the book.

Far Cry Primal is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 23rd.

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