Monday 19 August 2019

Fitbit update adds automatic exercise tracking


Emma Clark

Fitbit's Charge HR and Surge wearables can now identify activities and log them accordingly, while other improvements have been made to the app.

Fitbit Charge HR and Surge owners can download free updates that adds automatic activity tracking.

Up to now, these devices required the wearer to manually log their exercises. The update adds a feature called SmartTrack, which is capable of recognising continuous movement and work out what you're doing. It then logs this in the Fitbit app, complete with metrics like duration, calories burned and heart rate.

Fitbit says that SmartTrack is capable of differentiating between running, outdoor biking, walking, aerobic workouts and sports. It can apparently identify " a wide variety of activities."

The second update for Fitbit's wearables is an improvement to Fitbit's proprietary continuous and automatic heart rate monitor. It will supposedly be better for heart rate tracking during high-intensity workouts.

Finally, all Fitbit users can now take advantage of the weekly exercise goals that have been added to the Fitbit app.

The SmartTrack and PurePulse software updates are now available to all Charge HR and Surge owners. Fitbit users can now utilise the exercise goals features on iOS and Windows, with Android to follow.

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