Wednesday 23 May 2018

Fitbit helps save another life

fitbit charge hr
fitbit charge hr

Daniel Anderson

Fitbit fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular, and wearing one could actually help doctors to save your life

Fitbit products are a great way to get a little extra data on how well you're doing in terms of exercise but they could also be vital importance in a medical emergency.

Some of their products include a built in heart rate monitor which is capable of passively collecting data all day, and that can be a great help to doctors. When a 42 year old man American presented with atrial fibrillation after a seizure in New Jersey, the medical team had to decide on what course of action to take. The normal course of action would be to shock the heart to force it to resume its normal pattern again but that could potentially dislodge a blood clot, especially if the patient was suffering from issues before the attack.

The team was able to search through the patients Fitbit data to a time before the seizure to find out more information about his heartbeat, when they noted that it reached a high level only at the time of the attack. With that extra knowledge the went ahead with the shock and the patient's heart rate returned to normal.

The presence of a Fitbit in this case helped the doctors to make a decision, and that kind of information could be very useful for all kinds of medial and health related issues in the future, and all from a fairly affordable band you wear on your wrist!

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