Sunday 21 January 2018

Firewatch phone number is real


Paul Mallon

New adventure game Firewatch creates a wonderful fictional world, and it bleeds into the real one with this phone number

Firewatch is out now, and it's a wonderful game about a man who takes himself off into the wilderness to man a Fire tower during the high summer months. He's totally isolated from the world apart from his conversations with another tower operator, Delilah, by radio. A friendship forms, and a mystery is revealed as you wander the stylised wilds.

Here's how it looks.

The game takes place in Shoshone National Forest, which is a park in real-life park in the state of Wyoming. It just so happens to be the first ever National Forest established by the USA and set into law way back in 1891. There are lots of references to the real place in the game, and the timeline of 1989 also means it has time to include comments on the massive fires which took over Yellowstone Park in 1988.

It turns out even more of the real park has been included in the game, with one eagle eyed Reddit user finding a phone number on a flyer. It turns out if you call it you get through to the actual Shoshone Park dispatch, where you can chat to nice folks with names like Austin.

This number is real. I called it and actually got Shoshone National Forest Dispatch.

It's pretty unusual to leave a real number in a game, and you can be sure the people at Shoshone are going to get quite a few calls in the coming days and weeks. Let's hope someone has explained that it's just a video game...

Firewatch is out now on PC and PS4. You should play it.

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