Saturday 18 January 2020

Fear Effect sequel heads to Kickstarter

fear effect sedna
fear effect sedna

Daniel Anderson

The PlayStation action series Fear Effect has been brought back for a new generation with a major Kickstarter campaign underway

PlayStation players might fondly remember the Fear Effect series, a couple of games which released on the original console in 2000 and 2002. They were over the top action games with (then) gorgeous cell shaded graphics and a mature story - which mostly meant some blood and awkward nudity. The outifts were especially impractical.

Now, Fear Effect is back, and it's all change.

A Kickstarter has just been launched for Fear Effect Sedna. It wants to bring back the characters of Hana, Rain, Drake and Glas in an all new adventure set four years after their first outing. While those folks will be the same, it's quite a different game - unfolding from an isometric view and being remade as more of a tactical title with the whole team working together to solve a mystery involving Inuit mythology.

Here's the pitch video for the campaign.

It's technically an Indie title so the budget is very low at €100,000, with Eidos giving Sushe Games permission to use the license and offering help to publish the game. Making such sweeping changes to the gameplay feels like a strange move but it's likely an easier game to create, with less complicated assets, and keys into the popularity of tactical titles, especially from independent developers.

Progress so far has been slow enough but with a goal this low it's likely to be reaches fairly quickly. There's no mention of strech goals just yet but they would want to have some prepared to keep up momentum over the next 30 days.

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