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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Father bans videogames after teenage son spends thousands on FIFA microtransactions


Emma Clark

Videogames and gaming systems have been banned from one Canadian household after a teenage son spent thousands on in-game microtransactions in FIFA.

A Canadian father has banned consoles and videogames from his home after his teenage son managed to rack up a hefty credit card bill from purchases in FIFA.

Lance Perkins was met with the shock of a credit card bill of $7,625.88. "It floored me. Literally floored me, when I'd seen what I was being charged," he told CBC News.

"He thought it was a one-time fee for the game. He's just as sick as I am, [because] he never believed he was being charged for every transaction, or every time he went onto the game," Perkins added.

Perkins has declared that there will “never” be another gaming system in his home. Hopefully his son managed to get his dream players for his Ultimate Team before they were all put into retirement.

Perkins’ son is not the first to have spent a sizeable sum on in-game or in-app purchases and he’s unlikely to be the last. To avoid a similar fate, make sure you and your children understand how microtransactions work, don’t put credit card information on the account of any family member you don’t want making purchases, or set up restrictions that ensure a passcode or password is needed before purchases can be made.

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