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Fallout 4 mod adds lightsabers!


Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Fallout 4

A Fallout 4 mod called Lightsaber Renew lets you wield a lightsaber, which deals quite a lot of damage. Embrace the power of the Force.

The Force is strong with this Fallout 4 mod. Lightsaber Renew lets you run amuck in the Wasteland with your very own lightsaber.

Not only does the mod let you equip a lightsaber, but you can choose from a couple of different colours. It also packs a very satisfying sound effect whenever you unleash it.

Unfortunately, it's currently missing the ability to deflect energy weapon shots, but if you want elements of Star Wars to creep into all media that you enjoy, this mod is a good place to start.

YouTuber bloodironzero has uploaded a clip of the mod in action, while Chayification has put together a walkthrough as to how to activate the mod in-game.

Is there anything that modders can't do?!

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