Friday 20 April 2018

Facebook's Year in Review hides the sad bits


Emma Clark

Facebook's Year in Review is live, letting users relive their year and show off their memories. But this time it hides the sad stuff.

Facebook has launched its Year in Review feature for 2015, but this time it has tweaked the algorithm to hide the sad stuff.

Last year, Facebook came under criticism after its Year in Review included photos of exes, blocked friends, and loved ones who passed away. The worst part of it was that it ended with "It's been a great year," regardless of what it highlighted.

Facebook says that it has "applied a unique set of filters" to ensure that sad memories won't be highlighted this time around. A spokesperson said, "We won't show you photos where memorialized accounts or exes are tagged, or photos with people you've blocked or added to your On This Day preferences."

As well as this, Facebook has added an option to allow you to edit the photos you want to see. You can replace anything in the set and even add pictures that the social network omitted.

Facebook is trying to better handle how it handles relationships. In November, it added a new tool for people who change their relationship status. Users can now see less of their ex, untag themselves from photos, and limit what an ex can see.

So, how has your year been?

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