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Facebook rolls out 360-degree videos for iOS





iOS users are now getting in on the ability to watch 360-degree videos. Facebook has launched a dedicated website for 360-degree videos and is testing ads.

Facebook began rolling out support for 360-degree videos on the web and Android back in September. Now, iOS users are getting in on the action.

Users of mobile devices can either turn their handset or drag their fingers on the top of the video to look around the video. Meanwhile, desktop users change the angle by using the on-screen cursors.

Facebook CEO announced the news in a Facebook post. He wrote, " 360 video is a completely new experience because you can move the camera around. This opens new ways of sharing experiences and makes you feel like you're part of what you're watching. It's a step towards even more immersive experiences."

Facebook has also started testing 360-degree ads, of course. There's a dedicated site for 360-degree videos where users can learn how to record and share 360-degree videos. Videos from Nickelodeon, World Surf League (WSL), VICE, and LeBron are currently available on the site.

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