Thursday 26 April 2018

Facebook Moments gets better with video

facebook moments
facebook moments

Daniel Anderson

The Facebook Moments app already searches your photos for your friends to tag and can now work with videos as well

Facebook is pretty intent on keeping you using its products and services at all time, which is what the Moments app was all about. The idea is that you give the phone access to your photo album and in searches for the faces of friends that it recognises from previous appearances on Facebook. From there, it can automatically tag the individuals and even share photo albums just with the folks who appear in the snaps.

This process also works the other way, so you'll get pictures automatically synced from other friends featuring your face - which sounds like a pretty good way to ensure that you actually appear in some snaps from your night out. And now the app comes with another extra element, the ability to include videos. At the moment this is a manual process, which sounds like a better way of handling it to be honest, so you'll pick which vids you want to share with people in a specific group so that everyone can have the same memories.

The Moments app is on iOS and Android now.

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