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Sunday 25 August 2019

Facebook making the social media side of breaking up less awkward


Emma Clark

Facebook is testing out a feature that could mean the post-breakup use of the social media site is less awkward for all parties involved.

Do you stay friends with an ex after a break-up? When it comes to Facebook, there's a good chance you do. Or you have mutual friends, at the very least, which means they may appear on your timeline.

Facebook is to give users more control over what they see and even their history in the near future. Once you change your status to say that a relationship is over, you'll get a prompt with options to untag yourself from photos or posts of you and your ex, limit what a former partner sees from you, and remove them from your news feed.

Essentially, you're unfriending them without having to actually click that button. Plus, it means that you won't see a status that a mutual friend likes, which is a possibility if you simply unfriend them. So if you want to be really thorough, go through the post break-up process on Facebook and then unfriend them.

Before you start changing your Facebook relationship status, be aware that the feature is currently being tested in the U.S. It will likely be rolled out elsewhere, but there's no timeframe for that just yet.

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