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Facebook Dumps Flash Video





Facebook has confirmed that it has officially made the move to make HTML5 its video format of choice, dumping the beleaguered Adobe Flash in the process

Ever since smartphones became a thing, Adobe has been fighting hard to prolong the inevitable: the death of the clunky, insecure Flash platform. Those efforts look to be winding up now, however, with the company recently announcing that it's ditching its Flash software (which will now become Adobe Animate) and another hammer blow coming as Facebook takes the decision to switch away from Flash for good, making HTML5 the social media giant's video standard.

Although HTML5 video has long since been the preference of Facebook and just about every other site out there, some issues prevented it from being the universal standard, but thanks to some intensive coding work from Facebook developers in order to ensure the platform performs perfectly on older browsers, it has now officially ditched the unloved Adobe application.

Moving forward, Facebook believes that this move will ensure that videos played through the site are faster, more reliable and more efficient, with videos able to start with minimal delays or hold ups, encouraging more users to engage with each other via video.

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