Thursday 19 September 2019

Eleven 'high-impact security issues' in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Emma Clark

Google's Project Zero spent a week trying to find security flaws in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and managed to find eleven ‘high-impact security issues.'

Google's team of expert security researchers, otherwise known as Project Zero, was given a week to try to crack the security of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. They managed to discover 11 "high-impact security issues."

One of the most worrying issues discovered lets an attacker write a file to the victim's system without permission.

Most of the issues stem from the device's drivers and image processing. Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich said that these were discovered “very quickly,” while some were “trivial to exploit.”

Project Zero was divided into two teams and tasked to find ways to either gain access to the phone's contacts, photos and messages remotely or through an app installed from Google Play which has no permissions to do so. The researchers also tried to make their code stick even if a device was wiped.

The team reported their findings to Google who had already patched eight of the eleven issues. The remaining three, which apparently aren’t as severe as the others, will be fixed sometime this month.

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