Saturday 24 March 2018

Easter break is around the corner: Five apps to help you save money while you roam


Mark O'Beirne

Now that eir has scrapped roaming charges for customers travelling in the EU and the Easter break is looming, it's time to take a look at apps that can make your travels easier.

Eir recently announced that it is abolishing EU roaming fees, meaning that eir customers can use their existing call and text allowances in the EU and get access to an additional 1GB of EU roaming data.

Typically, when travelling, you absolutely shouldn't use an app that requires internet access, or if you are going to use such an app you should do everything you can to track down a Wi-Fi hotspot. With 1GB roaming data you have a little more freedom if you do need to go online.

With that in mind, here are some of the best apps you can use while abroad.

Wi-Fi Finder

You may not have to pay for roaming when in the EU, but you don't have unlimited data. It's still best to use Wi-Fi for certain tasks and especially if you want to use apps, or simply browse the net, for a prolonged period of time. Wi-Fi Finder will help you track down sources of wireless internet, and there's even an offline mode so you can download maps before you go.


Google Translate

It helps to have a few words of a local language when travelling, if even to show that you made some sort of effort. Google Translate puts a world of languages at your fingertips, helping you to fill in blanks or translate phrases wholesale. It's very useful when staring at a menu without English translations, for example.



TripAdvisor is a great tool to use before you book your holidays, helping you to find accommodation at your chosen destination. But it can also be beneficial when you're out and about. If you see a restaurant that looks tempting, or you simply want some inspiration, TripAdvisor will help you find the top rated restaurants in the vicinity.



It can be intimidating to drive in a foreign country, but Waze may make the ordeal a little more straightforward. Not only does it provide you with point to point navigation, but it provides real-time traffic updates, which are generated by fellow commuters. Users can update one another on traffic, construction, and even elements like police traps and speed cams.


Google Maps

While Google Maps now offers the option to download maps, there are times when you'll stray outside of the boundaries of your saved maps or you need directions. Google Maps can help you get from point A to point B, no matter where in the world you are.

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