Sunday 19 January 2020

Doom single player's gory glory revealed in hour long video


Daniel Anderson

Bethesda and id Software are giving us an amazing reveal of the single player glory of their latest entry in the Doom franchise

Doom is coming back and while many folks are going to be extremely excited about the fast paced multiplayer action on offer, we're all about the single player campaign.

So far we know that it's going to be really violent - with some extremely nasty melee takedowns - and that you absolutely, positively will be going to Hell this time. That's all good news and already makes it one of our most anticipated titles of the year. But there's a lot more to learn and id Software have sat for an hour long video introduction to the campaign mode.

If visceral first person violence isn't your thing, maybe best to not watch the video below.

It's good to hear that the way the enemies flash in orange for a special kill can be turned off, it is pretty distracting, but the results are too incredible to be ignored. People are going to love trying out each and every unique kill, which varies by angle and also per enemy and even based on where you're looking.

You can check the map to find secrets (oldschool, baby!) and shoot barrels. It all looks like loads of fun, with a nice fast pace and, of course, a huge range of weapons to perforate enemies with. It also looks like there's a decent amount of story going on here, though the developers are keen to point out that it's not particularly important.

This big chunk of gameplay is also really encouraging, suggesting that theres a lot of content to play through in the full release. It's definitely looking a mode that's worthy of one of the most important first person shooters in history, and we can't wait to see more.

Doom is coming out to consoles and PC on the 13th of May 2016.

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