Friday 19 January 2018

Dogsmash - music making with cute dogs!

Doggy Dub
Doggy Dub

Daniel Anderson

Doggy Dub is an app which pairs up your vocals with an adorable dog for your entertainment - and they need rescuing too

You're probably aware of the Dubsmash craze, where you get to put your own voice on top of another video for extra giggles. Well we all know there was something missing in that setup, and it was definitely cute dogs.

Thankfully a new app called Doggy Dub solves the problem by serving up videos of dogs making shapes with their mouths which you can then record over. Did you ever want to be a labrador singing Lady Gaga or a pitbull quoting from The Shawshank Redemption? Well now you can with this app from the Dogs Trust.

You pick a type of video you want to start with and check out the timing, then match it to your own words or lyrics. When you're ready to go just press record to get your 8 second clip and get ready to be the talk of your social media platform of choice.

Oh and do share with the #DoggyDub so you can add your magical mix to the community.

You can also donate to the Dog's Trust in the UK in the app, which is putting a face to rescue dogs in the hope that people will think about adopting an older canine rather than a puppy. The app is on iOS and Android now and the dogs are very cute indeed.

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