Friday 23 March 2018

Descent makers Kickstart Overload


Paul Mallon

The makers of the original Descent series of games return to the genre they helped create with a kickstarter for Overload

If you played games in the 90s there's a good chance you remember Descent - a game that put you in the cockpit of a small space craft and tasked you with diving deep into caverns in search of weapons and keys and the glory of escaping without dying. Well Descent is back... only now it's called Overload.

It's a new, six degree of freedom shooter which doesn't own the name (Interplay has licensed that out to a different company) but the same familar gameplay, updated to the 21st century. The team who originally made Descent has reformed as Revival Productions (good name) and they're set on releasing their own title, so naturally they've headed to Kickstarter.

Here's the pitch video.

It's a bit of an awkward video but the tech is looking impressive, and we couldnt help but notice an Oculus Rift on the desk there - playing this in virtual reality would be amazing. Now they just need the money - they're looking for $300,000 to get started and that's a pretty modest goal, though it's started off pretty slowly. We're not sure how many people are gagging for a Descent semi sequel so we'll be keeping an eye on it.

Overload is aiming to release in March 2017 - check out the Kickstarter here.

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