Saturday 24 August 2019

December's PlayStation Plus Games Announced

playstation plus
playstation plus

Sony has confirmed the identity of the final batch of PlayStation Plus freebies of the year - and it's not a bad lineup

Sony has unveiled the identity of the final batch of PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection titles for 2015, and although it's lacking in AAA star power (despite the predictions of some) it's not a bad lineup in the slightest.

The start of the show on PS4, if it could be called that, is Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, a reboot of the legendary arcade title from gaming's early days. While it didn't fare all that well critically when it was originally launched, it's far from a bad game, and those who enjoy a bit of old school hack and slash action will definitely get plenty of enjoyment from it. The other PS4 title on the lineup is King Quest: A Knight to Remember, the first part in an episodic adventure that, despite being well received, has yet to actually see a second installment. Perhaps this will serve as a boon for the developers, though.

Vita owners (we know there are plenty of you out there, even if Sony does ignore you) can look forward to the awesome Freedom Wars, as well as Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, while the unreasonably brilliant Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon makes its way to the collection on PS3, as well as snowboarding actioner SSX.

The games will be available on Tuesday December 1st to all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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