Monday 11 December 2017

David Hayter isn't working on a new Metal Gear

David Hayter
David Hayter

Daniel Anderson

Last week some news appeared online about David Hayter being involved with a script as Solid Snake - more info here

With the loss of Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear Solid series is changed forever - despite the fact that Konami will be forging ahead with their own games in the franchise in the future. So when famed voice actor David Hayter (who also wrote the original X-Men, fact fans!) posted this picture, the internet went nuts!

What is this? A new script for Snake? What is it for? Will there be a new game?!

Many questions were answered and Hayter has popped back up to bring some clarity to the situation. Firstly - this is not a new Metal Gear game featuring his voice. While you start quietly weeping, here's some more info via Metal Gear Central. The full video follows:

The specific quotes goes like this: "No. People got very excited, which is great and I appreciate that. It’s not a new Metal Gear game and it’s not a, as many people suspected, a Konami Pachinko set up. But I was in the booth, given a script. Paul Eiding and I played the Colonel and Snake for a little thing which I am really happy about. I was sort of teasing out there because it was kind of cool to be back in the booth recording Snake again particularly with Paul but people shouldn’t get too excited about it, the return of Metal Gear Solid or anything like that."

So we don't yet know what this project is but it does sound like Hayter is still really busy and has a lot on the way, both live action and voice roles. And he might even be writing some more comic book movies in the near future.

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