Thursday 12 December 2019

Dark Souls coming to Xbox One

Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III

Paul Mallon

From Software's tough but not in a fair way action game is set to arrive on the Xbox One via backwards compatability

Dark Souls III is set to arrive in April, and it's going to haunt your dreams once again with ridiculously tough gameplay and some of the most unsettling enemies around.

This particular series started back in 2011 with the original Dark Souls and if you missed out on that release there's some good news - it sounds like it will be available as a pre order bonus for the new game, at least on Xbox One. This is possible due to the magic of backwards compatability, which is making it easier than ever to bring back older titles without having to redevelop them for new hardware. That's a pretty great thing if you stop to think about it, and it might finally be the key to Microsoft fighting back against the dominance of the PS4.

It's reasonable to assume that Dark Souls will be available to all sometimes in April, so if you still own an Xbox 360 disk or bought it digitally on the same Xbox Live account you'll be able to download and play it for free. And of course if you are planning on picking up the new game it will be a nice piece of extra content.

Dark Souls III launches in these waters on the 12th of April 2016 - it's out in Japan in March.

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