Saturday 7 December 2019

Cortana will soon remind you to keep commitments


Emma Clark

Cortana will soon be able to scan your e-mails for times that you say you will do something and create a reminder to ensure you get it done.

Windows Insiders are getting access to a new Cortana feature today that will help them keep commitments and promises.

Commitments will act like the existing flight and delivery tracking features. It looks for e-mails in which you've said you're going to do something, and then Cortana creates a card to help you set a reminder. So, if you say, "I'll have this finished by 5," or "I'll meet you next week," Cortana will make sure that you do.

Microsoft's Marcus Ash told The Verge that people often send themselves e-mails a lot to act as a reminder. Cortana will even pick up on these instances and ask if you want to create a reminder.

If you don't want Cortana scanning your e-mails, you can disable this feature.

This feature is now rolling out to Windows 10 testers, but Microsoft intends to roll it out to everyone with Windows 10, as well as those running Android and iOS. Ash noted that Microsoft is still working on some technology aspects of the Cortana service to fully enable her new features across multiple platforms.

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