Thursday 12 December 2019

Check out Perception - a new game from Bioshock folks


Paul Mallon

Perception is a new title which is being built by some ex Irrational Games folks - who made the pretty brilliant Bioshock

We may not be getting a new Bioshock any time soon but that doesn't mean the developers are resting on their laurels.

Some of the team from Irrational Games has moved on to a new company called Deep End Games and their first title is already in the works, it's called Perception.

You play as a young woman called Cassie who is investigating the mysteries surrounding an old house. She ends up there after months of research and finds herself caught up in a spooky adventure. Oh and she's also completely blind, so you'll be navigating using echo-location which adds a new sense of style and challenge to every part of the game.

The mechanics look really cool, with the levels being painted in as you, or something else, make a noise. Here's Deep End Games lead Bill Gardner with a walkthrough.

It all looks really interesting, and this is several months on from its original Kickstarter campaign back in May 2015. There's something very eerie about the way sounds make the world come to life, especially as the wind howls around the outside of the house. It's also great to see a game from a new point of view, and a blind heroine who isn't defined by her disability. It also looks freaking creepy.

Perception looks to be coming to PC in 2016. More as we get it.

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