Monday 20 November 2017

Catch drones with this handy net launcher!


Daniel Anderson

If you're being spied on by a drone and really want it to stop, you should invest in this very handy net launcher

Drones are going to be everywhere in the very near future and while they can be a lot of fun to play with they also have the potential to be at best a noisy irritant and at worst a real invasion of privacy. So it's time to invest in the ultimate weapons - an Anti-Drone Net Launcher.

The frankly wonderfully named SKYWALL does just that, with a projectile that fires out a net which makes it very difficult for the drone to do anything except fall crippled to the earth, where it hopefully also smashes into tiny pieces. And this powerful weapon goes all out to look like nothing less than a Bazooka!

Watch the SKYWALL in action in the video below. It just feels right to put it in capitals.

That wonderfully serious fellow doesn't point out that this could also be used to just stop anyone you don't like from being able to use their drone. And it looks like a rocket launcher, and comes with a smart scope and smart projectiles! This is the future people.

There's no pricing on this monster just yet but the company behind it, Open Works, expects to have them in the hands of customers before the end of 2016.

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