Tuesday 20 August 2019

Broforce update adds lightning-wielding bros


Emma Clark

A new Broforce update is now available that adds new lightning-wielding characters, new items, new features, and fixes some stability issues.

Broforce now lets you harness the power of Mother Nature as you bring freedom and liberty to all.

A new update adds a wealth of post-release content, including new characters and features, and sorts out some stability issues. Players will be able to draw upon the lightning powers of two new characters, the immortal Brolander and thunder god Broden, and use new tactical items.

All bros will have access to items like All-American Supply Drops, alien pheromones that should make later levels a touch easier, and performance enhancing drugs when the odds look even more insurmountable than usual.

Veteran players are also being given reason to revisit Broforce with the addition of Covert Ops levels. These are designed around each unique character and their special attacks and should put your skills to the test.

Broforce is now available on PC via Steam and Humble, and will be bringing freedom to PlayStation 4 early next year.

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