Thursday 22 August 2019

Bluetooth to be twice as fast in 2016


Emma Clark

There are plans in place to increase the speed and range of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group aims to do so in 2016.

Bluetooth is about to be improved once again in 2016, providing twice the speed and four times the range.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced its plans for the wireless standard. It says that it plans to increase its speed by 100% without increasing energy consumption. It also aims to increase the range of the low-power Bluetooth Smart standard by up to four times.

Finally, it wants to introduce mesh networking to Bluetooth, which will enable Bluetooth devices to connect together in networks that can cover an entire building.

This means that rather than devices making one-to-one links, they can form building-wide links, which could in turn lead to home and industrial automation applications.

It's worth remembering that this is just the plan. Timelines and actual results could be altered as the project progresses.

Still, these would be very welcome improvements across the board.

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