Wednesday 29 January 2020

Bizarre fridge ad makes your food come alive


Daniel Anderson

Samsung has a new fridge which lets you peek inside at the touch of a button, and they're promoting it with a really strange ad

Samsung has a new fridge with all sorts of fancy features, including a massive touchscreen on the front which can display your calendar, local weather or just snaps of your family.

It's also capable of giving you a glimpse inside the fridge with just a tap, so you can check if you have enough of everything without having to open the door, and you can also use the camera to check if you have enough milk from your smartphone.

It's called Family Hub and it's all about making your life that little bit easier. So how does Samsung decide to market this new feature? With a tale of walking, talking groceries and the horrors at the bottom of your cooling cabinet. It also stars the girl from Frozen and her real-life husband. It's pretty bizarre.


Let's ignore the shockingly poor animation for a moment (seriously, what's up with the frame rate?!) and try to figure out what the pitch was here? Your food is definitely alive and walking around when you're not looking and also engaging in some kind of romantic relationship. So does that mean you can spy on it with the Family Hub screen?

Why is the bottom of this Samsung fridge a dank dungeon for forgotten food? And who ever half eats a cupcake? It's also not at all clear what Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard add to the mix, other than the fact that their house is really, really dark.

And chocolate syrup and milk - really?!

This is definitely a product that will be coming to market and it's probably pretty useful, which doesn't make this ad any less insane.

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