Wednesday 21 March 2018

Baby Toby from Labyrinth made a new puppet movie!


Daniel Anderson

Toby Froud, best known as the little baby in Labyrinth with David Bowie, has produced his own puppet movie called Lessons Learned

80s classic Labyinth is mostly remembered these days for a starring turn by the late great David Bowie but it was also the film debut of a little lad called Toby Froud who was born in London in 1984 and also happens to be the son of Brian and Wendy Froud. He's the man who worked with Jim Henson on the incredible design for both Labyrinth and the puppet masterpiece The Dark Crystal and they've both been publishing books of faeries for many a year.

Young Toby went on to work as a puppeteer and creature fabricator, winding up at Laika studios in the US. They're the company responsible for stop motion treats like Coraline and ParaNorman and his talents have been well served creating fantastic beasts. In his spare time, Froud has been working on his own puppet movie, and he went out to Kickstarter for funding back in July 2013.

The film was called Lessons Learned and it originally had a proposed release in 2014, going on to premiere in June of that year. The production was put together with help from Heather Henson - the daughter of Jim - and went down a treat. It's about a world where the important lessons people learn are collected in boxes, and what happens when they are opened.

There's little Toby, he got big! The design looks wonderful, with some help from Brian Froud of course, and we're hoping that he'll get to work on a feature in this same style at some point in the future. And he can always tell the story of what it was like to work with David Bowie as a baby!

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