Sunday 19 January 2020

Apple patent drops hints about iPhone 7 camera


Mark O'Beirne

An official Apple patent indicates that its upcoming flagship, the iPhone 7, could feature a dual-lens camera and a telephoto lens.

Apple has filed a patent, which provides some clues as to what the iPhone 7’s camera will be like.

Like other smartphone manufacturers, Apple is looking at equipping its flagship with a dual-lens camera, as well as a telephoto lens. This lens could achieve a broader focus range from a physically shorter lens, which means that the traditional iPhone camera bump could be no more.

Dual-lens camera setups, such as the one on the Huawei P9, can offer better zoom capabilities, better image quality, and capture more vivid colours. Apple tends to be quite slow to make changes to its handsets’ cameras, so this could be quite the leap.

Of course, nothing is official until Tim Cook makes an announcement himself. However, there have been quite a few leaks in recent weeks indicating that this is something that Apple is experimenting with.

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