Sunday 22 September 2019

Apple Music is now available on Android

Apple Music
Apple Music

Emma Clark

Apple Music, or at least an "open beta" of it, is now available to download on Android smartphones and tablets with most of the features from the iOS app.

Apple is set to play nice with Google and Android with the release of Apple Music on Android.

You can now download Apple Music from the Google Play Store to any Android smartphone or tablet. There are some features that you won’t get on Android that you would on iOS, music videos and family plan subscriptions, for example.

That’s in the short term, at least. The app listing on the Play Store says that Apple Music is currently in open beta. Music videos, as well as an optimised sign-up process for Android, will be added in the future.

Otherwise, you get much the same experience as you would on iOS. Visually, it looks pretty much identical, while you also get access to features like Beats 1 radio, Connect, custom music suggestions and access any music you've bought through iTunes with your Apple ID.

This is the second Apple app to arrive on Android, the first being Move to iOS. This one has actual content though, and is less likely to irk Google.

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