Sunday 19 January 2020

Apple may add sponsored ads to App Store search results


Mark O'Beirne

Apple may be planning to add sponsored search results to the App Store, and may be working on ways to improve how people browse the store.

Apple is reportedly working on a secret project that would allow developers to pay to have their apps displayed more prominently.

Similar to how Google offers paid-for ads, developers would be able to pay for particular keywords. Their apps would then be displayed at the top of search results for these terms.

The project is being spearheaded by Apple vice president Todd Teresi, according to Bloomberg, who report that around 100 people are working on it.

Alongside this project, Apple is believed to be working on improvements to the way that customers browse the App Store.

However, it's believed that the new search team hasn't been working on this for very long, so it's not yet known when changes will be made.

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