Thursday 18 January 2018

Apple iOS 9.3 out now - here are its top features

iOS 9.3
iOS 9.3

Daniel Anderson

Apple has just released iOS 9.3, an all new version of the operating system which brings extra features and refinements to iPhones and iPads

The latest iOS is here, with version 9.3 available to download for free right now. It should work on any iPhone or iPad released since 2011 and you can start the download by going to Settings - General - Software Update. Make sure you have phone backed up, enough space for the download and that you're on Wi-Fi.

9.3 brings a host of new features to your Apple phones and tablets, and we've got a breakdown of the biggest and most interesting below.

Night Shift This is easily the feature which has been getting the most attention and for good reason - it could actually improve your life. Night Shift is all about making the display easier on your eyes and brain at different times of the day, mostly by eliminating blue light in the evening. Research suggests that warmer hues are better for those who are trying to drift off to sleep so this feature finds out where you are in the world and automatically ups the red and yellow hues after the sun goes down. This could make it easier to fall asleep, and the screen will return to its normal colours in the morning.

Healthy Apps There's a full suite of health and fitness software available in iOS 9.3 and it's easier than ever now to find new additions to your collection of apps. If you're in Apple Health you'll get handy suggestions for other first and third part apps to download which can help you keep on top of calorie counting, exercise routines and a whole lot more. Plus Health now holds all your data in a more accessible way.

Secure Notes Apple Notes is a handy app which lets you tap out a reminder, create a shopping list or even jot down class notes if you forgot your pen or pad. They're quick and easy to use and now these Notes are even better thanks to some extra security. Apple's iOS 9.3 adds the ability to secure your notes with a fingerprint using TouchID, so you won't have to worry about prying eyes when you save some personal data.

Better News The Apple News app launched in 2015 and has been steadily increasing in popularity ever since. Now the app has been improved to generate better personalised feeds based on your interests and preferences, and it should run faster too. In addition, the update adds a landscape mode on iPhones and will let videos play directly in the feed, rather than having to click out to a website.

CarPlay Bonus Apple is working with car manufacturers to bring the iOS experience right to their inbuilt display. The latest update makes it easier to bring over music from your handset or tablet and also has curated music lists. Clicking on Nearby in the Map app also gives you more options, like finding facilites nearby including shops, petrol and amenities.

There are also new additions to how Apple products work in schools as well as tweaks to 3D Touch, additional language recognition for Siri and overall performance improvements. So go get the iOS 9.3 update now!

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