Wednesday 22 November 2017

App of the Week: Frame Assistant Tool is an essential Street Fighter V guide

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Emma Clark

Frame Assistant Tool details frame data for Street Fighter V's characters that was developed by an Irish player and can help level up your game.

Sun Tzu once wrote, "If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril." These words of wisdom ring particularly true when it comes to fighting games.

Take Street Fighter V, for example. To succeed, you not only need to know your own character back-to-front, but you need to know how they fare against other characters and their strengths and weaknesses.

That's a lot to take in, but there are tools to make it more manageable. One such tool is the Frame Assistant Tool, available on both Android and iOS. The app was first developed by an Irish player and released for Ultra Street Fighter IV. With the recent release of Street Fighter V, the app has been rebuilt from the ground up. It features basic tutorials, move lists for the entire roster, lets you take notes and, of course, a wealth of information regarding frame data.

Frame data is the information relating to the frames of animation of any given move. You'll likely subconciously register frame data over time, allowing you to plot out the best course of action. Frame Assistant Tool breaks down the information, so that anyone can see frame data related to every move at a glance.

This in turn means that you can easily work out how safe attacks are in particular matchups and how you can punish opponents for overextending.

Knowledge is power, and Frame Assistant Tool is an app that puts an extensive amount of easily digestible knowledge in your pocket. It's not for those completely new to Street Fighter, but as you improve and start to take the game more seriously this information is essential to level up your game.

Frame Assistant Tool is now available to download on Android and iOS.

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