Friday 27 April 2018

Amazon wants you to shop with selfies!


Daniel Anderson

Amazon is looking to integrate new technology into their retail experience which will allow users to log in with a selfie

Selfies are the craze that seems set to continue indefinitely, letting folks and their friends crowd into their photos and get in the way of whatever pretty thing is in the background. It's not exactly a way to take great snaps, but they could have even more use in the future if Amazon has its way.

The online retail giant is working on a patent for new technology which will revolutionise how we shop. Basically, when it comes to buying your items they want users to be able to snap a selfie to verify their identity.

It's a pretty interesting idea, taking things one step further from the fingerprint scanning which has become popular in smartphones in recent years and helping to free users from having to remember long and complicated passwords. If the technology works fluidly, it would provide an extra layer of security, as sophisticated camera sensors on smartphones could scan your features in real life, making it very difficult to replicate.

Of course, if the tech doesn't work it could be a frustrating experience and you'll always need to have a backup password in case it all falls apart but be prepared to see plenty of new ways of interacting with those password screens in the years ahead.

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