Tuesday 20 February 2018

A new glitch that bricks iPhones has been found


Emma Clark

There's a new way to break the iPhone and all it takes is for someone to change the date on your device and wait for you to restart it.

Up to now, iPhone users had reason to be nervous about opening text messages or visiting certain websites; there was a chance that their iPhone would shut down. Now, there's a date glitch to worry about, so don't leave your iPhone down around the wrong sort of person.

Reddit users discovered that iPhones can be bricked by changing the date to January 1, 1970 and then restarting the device. All 64-bit iOS 8 and iOS 9 phones and tablets running on Apple's A7, A8, A8X, A9 and A9X processor are being affected by the bug.

Unlike some other bugs that simply caused some annoyance, this has a more lasting effect. While your iPhone will be able to go into Recovery Mode, the only way to fix it is to drop into an Apple store and get a replacement.

We weren't brave enough - or foolish enough - to try it out for ourselves, but multiple Reddit users are reporting that this is the case. Tech's Zach Straley shows how easy it is for any mischievous person to do and the impact that the bug has on an iPhone.

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